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Executive Team

Team Members
  • Image of Bryan Ezralow

    Bryan Ezralow

    Principal | Director

    Bryan Ezralow is a Principal and Director for First Pointe Management Group. FPMG is a leading commercial development and residential property management company with its beginnings in Southern California. Mr. Ezralow is an active philanthropist...
  • Marc Ezralow

    Principal | Director

    Marc Ezralow is a Principal and Director for First Pointe Management Group. Mr. Ezralow is a graduate of Pepperdine University in California and holds a film and business degree. Mr. Ezralow is active in the real estate and the internet business ...
    Image of Marc Ezralow
  • Image of Gary Freedman

    Gary Freedman

    Principal | Executive Vice President

    As Principal and Executive Vice President, Gary Freedman evaluates structures and negotiates the strategic economic issues for all acquisitions, financing, and joint venture agreements. In addition, Mr. Freedman maintains all financing relations...
  • David Leff

    Principal | Director of Acquisitions

    As a Principal and the Director of Acquisitions, David Leff spearheads the acquisitions department and oversees the purchase and sale of properties. Mr. Leff is also the Director of Operations of the Commercial Property Management Division. Mr. ...
    Image of David Leff
  • Image of Cristina Agra-Hughes

    Cristina Agra-Hughes

    Principal | President of First Pointe Management Group

    As a Principal and the President of First Pointe Management Group, Cristina Agra-Hughes directs the integrated business operations within all functions of the company ranging from property management, acquisition and financing, to development an...
  • Gary Whitesides

    Principal | Director of Construction | Executive Vice President

    Gary Whitesides has over 40 years of construction management experience.  Mr. Whitesides oversees all new construction, renovation, and major capital improvement projects within the portfolio.  Mr. Whitesides is a licensed general contractor in ...
    Image of Gary Whitesides
  • Image of Darren Horning

    Darren Horning

    Principal | Director of Finance | Senior Vice President

    Darren Horning has over 30 years of management, finance, and operational experience in the multi-family housing industry.  Mr. Horning ‘s primary focus includes the management of new and existing debt instruments, as well as short- and long-term...
  • Jeannie Nolan

    Senior Vice President | Director of Human Resources

    Jeannie Nolan oversees the comprehensive Human Resources functions with a dedicated team of Human Resources professionals. Ms. Nolan is responsible for leading and enhancing the company’s overall human resources strategies including talent acqui ...
    Image of Jeannie Nolan
  • Image of Pamela Finley

    Pamela Finley

    Vice President | Chief Accounting Officer

    Pamela Finley’s thirty-plus year career at First Pointe Management Group has given her the opportunity to progressively enhance the Company’s financial recordkeeping, spearhead the Accounting Department’s evolution, as well as participate in key...
  • Rhonda Farley

    Executive Vice President

    Rhonda brought her successful background in business management to our real estate company in 2001. Over the last twenty years, Ms. Farley has successfully managed the processes of companywide budgets, capital improvement projects and the overal ...
    Image of Rhonda Farley
  • Image of Sid Paul

    Sid Paul

    Vice President of Acquisitions

    Sid Paul leads First Pointe Management Group’s acquisition and development efforts from sourcing through closing. Mr. Paul is responsible for securing entitlements for the Company’s development pursuits. He also oversees dispositions. Prior to j...